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It would seem that Berak's list of the
Kulin tribes must be increased by those of
the Jajaurong - since he include [sic] at least
one of them - namely that at Mt Macedon.
Headquarters language
5Galgal Baluk - Kyneton jajauworung
3Kalk-Kalk-gourndich jajauworung
1Learga Baluk Sources of Campaspe jajauworung
4 Wurung-hura-gerung baluk jajauworung
6 Tonem-bur-lang-baluk - Upper Loddon jajauworung
Kurnŭngilum baluk - Between Mt Macedon + Daylesford jajauworungBunjil
Yauangilum baluk thagunworung waa
Yiranilum-baluk Goulburn below Seymour Bunjil
Benbendora baluk Mooroopna Bunjil
Būrong baluk Nattyallock Avoca River jajauworung Bunjil
Leaura-gūra balluk [Daylesford - crossed out] Smeaton jajauworung Bunjil

Note I have numbered the above tribes of William
's list as numbered by Parker. This confirms
Berak's accuracy in other respects.

[written sideways in right side margin]
either Bunjil
or Waa

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