[Diagram family relationships]

Bruthen Munjie Brother Bimbing gil
wife Bret-thalo wife not known by present blacks

Dead 1st Yallung 2nd Mary Dookalunern
Annie Harry Stephens
died Bridget or Budgel
1st Wife unknown
Kangaroo Jack
Jinny Wombat Polly
Old Kangaroo Jack
Joe died
Dinah Coranderrk husband Willie Johson
New Kong Snowy River

The wives of the various members of the family were from the following places Bruthen Munjie's were from
Lakes Entrance Tuleba's from same place Tuleba's 2nd wife from Bairnsdale. Dookalanern and
Yallung were true sisters.

[written on the right hand side of the diagram]
The relationship between Kangaroo
ack and Tuleba arose from the
fact that Tuleba's first wife
Yallung was companion wife
to a man called Birrarark
who also had Mary who was
K Jacks Mother. Mary was
afterwards married to Old

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