Lake Tyers [?July 29th/07?]
Dr A W Howitt

My dear Dr
In answer to your letter
re meaning of maal maal I have made
every enquiry possible + find that the
point is called Ulundu maal maal
its description from some of the men
I gather that maal maal means a place
of arid appearance ot a sandy place
but there is great doubts on the subject
B Bull says it means a red place and
Caroline Jennings a white place as Marlow
means a white clay maal maal would
be a similar word but Dick Cooper doubts
this I would however [??] the opinion
that it refers to some colour between
red + a white a very light colour as perhaps
the sand about the shore. [?Yurra gelyam?]
is literally fighting water so I suppose
it has been rather rough at some time
when their forefathers crossed it so [they - crossed out]

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