Mission Station Lake Tyers
Augt 6th/12
Miss Howitt

Dear Miss Howitt
I have to acknowledge
the receipt of your letter of enquiry concerning
information required for Mr Syme

A swallow is called by this people
Jilwine Swallow
Barran Flying to express a Swallow flying
would be Barrawa Jilwine
Yarn water
Narranga Yarnda [?moving?] water
Winda to run
Windu gnio I run
Windimba you run
Windu gnal We two run
I send you from the Swan Hill tribe the following
Witchemambal Swallow
Bitekin To fly
Wirwah [to run - crossed out] to run
The name of Gipsy's Island is Kawar
I hope I have given you the information you require

[written sideways along left side margin]
with kind regards I remain
faithfully yours John Bulmer

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