Aug 23

per JC Macleod

Blacks told him in the early days that white woman was
wrecked on the coast with some men who were killed-
the woman being saved. She was a tall woman, young with
very long black hair in ringlets (some said the hair was fair).
She was Drowned in McLennans Straits with her
children. [?Querie?] was she Bessie Howard
who was about 16 years of age when the vessel in
which she was going to Melbourne was lost.
Daughter of Commissary Howard. Part of the vessel
was afterward picked up on the Ninety Mile beach.

Djillum ( a bird)- Mt Elizabeth
Gwŭn-dur=wattle gum.

Blaung-a-regua drŭraua Kŭllŭngŭka
burn ladder whitefellow.
Wŭrūng-tūnkū bŭdda-tūnkū pŭtta-ngaiu
boughs from here ? from here me
tūka- pŭnta Kŭrnŭng-ŭka ma-kŭrnŭng-ita
musk duck - camp nest creek down I leave it there.

U-auda Kai-ū Lohan-tŭkan mó-ka Kat-teir
1 2 3 (4)
nŭrrau-un-gūl mūndū wánganna
(1) give (2) possum fur string (3) white woman (4) over the sea
rugs (blankets) there ?
A gūnyerū of Dinni Birraark.

Tūndŭnga Brewínda nandū-ŭnga yūgaringa
Bark fibres Oh Brewin I think (you) have given
mri mūrriwŭnda-(dacapo).
(with) eye of bommerang

nūmba jellŭn barnda.
not (with) point of He oak (catch me)

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