per Billy Wood

Ngourang - Convolvulus sepium [Blushing Bindweed]
Yarlyang- the root of [orchid] Diūris maculata
Tallak - Sow Thistle
[Perser - crossed out]
Bolwin - Persoinu (The fruits of)
Nelŭng - Porphyru melanolūs

A Dargo man Bungil [sic] Bamaring had a tame
brown snake (thūrŭng) which he fed in frogs.
People were very much afraid because he sent it out
at night to hurt people.

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Stephen Morey

Bungil is the spelling that Bulmer adopted for what Howitt spells Bunjil - meaning a skilled man, an expert. The word is probably cognate with the Woiwurrung word for 'eaglehawk'