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Human Spirit Ghosts
Wulim a man is the Būlla bong,
When he dies [the - crossed out] a man is called
Birrak-bang and the Būllabung
goes away. He is met by Tharamūlŭn.
There are Būllabong also about the
bush which can kill game, make
fires and make camps.

Tharamūlŭn once lived on the earth
when he taught the first Mŭrring
what to do. He gave them their ceremonies
(Kūrnigal = Būnan) he told them
what ford might be eaten [and - crossed out]. When he
died and was put into the ground
his Būllabong went up aloft to the
Kūlŭmbi. Women know of his existence but
only speak of him as ["the man" - or as - crossed out]
"father" (pabang). It is only when a young
man has his tooth knocked out that the
name of Tharamūlŭn is told to him. Tharamūlŭn
can see people and is very angry when they
do things they ought not to do. As when people
eat food forbidden to them.

The [old men - crossed out] Jera-mŭlŭng(Biraark) get
their power and their Joeas from Tharamulun,
and a Jeramŭlŭng can [tell his - crossed out] show
his Joeas and teach another man.

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