Tulaba's reminiscences

First whites in Gippsland
Where the whites came into Gippsland he
was the size of Gilbert (12 years)
Whitemen came into Gippsland first from
Twofold Bay accompanied [with - crossed out] by T. B. black.
They brought cattle with them. They attempted
to cross the Lakes Entrance but not succeeding
camped their cattle between Lake Bunya
([?Leën?] bŭke) and the sea. Then being guided
by Lakes Entrance blacks they went round the North
Arm and struck the Tambo River at [?Hewlets?]
Failing to cross their cattle at Swan Reach they
returned to T. Bay. By four bullocks [??] [??]
- two of which the blacks afterward killed at
Swan Reach - one at [?Beeba Beeba?] and
the fourth at the Tambo River below B.B to Bruthen

Tulaba says that when Blacks first
tasted beef of a bullock which the whitemen
killed at Lakes Entrance it made them
sick as it had a different taste + smell to
the meat they had been used to eat.

First arrivals of Bullock
Long before the whiteman came to Gippsland
the Brajerak made a raid - Killed a number
of Kurnai and took away a number of women.
Of these three or four made their way back
and brought news of "Bullock" which they described
as "big dogs full of hard fat". The blacks could
not make this out at all.

First white men
Before McMillan came into Gippsland
white men had come from Buchan
to the Junction of [?Tambam? - possibly Timbarra?]+ Tambo and
then returned.

Buchan is named from Bŭkan =
the large bag in which things are carried
netted of string made of fibre from young Lightwood tree.
The small bags are = Battūng.

Set fights
In set fights the offender is called Waljurk
and the injured person is called Nūnja nūngi

[written in left side margin]
The Bad ground is
called by the Nūlet
wía-wŭk - the Mukthang
use this word for it.

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