A favorite song was this:-

Miringănda dŭrrŭganda
Look (see) the throwing stick

Brewindū mūnda
of Brewin there

drtKrauéa Kŭrŭnga
East ward a little distance

at Ninne (the Red Bluff - Lakes Entrance)

This is a very ancient song - it is not danced to.

Illustration of above

(1) Q. Miringatū ngánda mŭrriwŭnda?
point you to me with the throwing stick?

(2) A. Jetboálō (3) R. nanma gūnūnjattū
you [tell a - crossed out] lie! that one (he) not at all lies

(4) R. Ngándū tūnga?
Who told you?

(5) A Tūngam Brabrolūng
tell me

Tŭrdi Kŭrnai mūnda drt-Krauea
dead Blackfellow up there [over there - written above up there] Eastward
(There is a blackfellow dead to the Eastward)

The direction - Where the Sun rise - East - DrtKrauéa
[ditto] [ditto] Sunset - West - Dé-aua
[ditto] North - Tŭmb-brrra
[ditto] South - Kátter

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