Food rules +c relating to Jeraeil

Kangaroo - Jira - novices may eat (M) after ceremony,
but not Female untill [sic] "[?male?] free"
Black wallaby, Therogang may eat (M)
or Thakwan
Red Wallaby - Kinara - may eat (M)
Paddemelon - Baui - ditto
Kangaroo Rat - Bri ditto
The mens "Bridda bridda"
is made from the skin of the
young Kangaroo, the Rock Wallaby
Pademelon, and Kangaroo rat.
Bandicoot - Menak may eat (M)
Common Rat - Baiŭk
or cherret may eat (M) (F).
Wambat [sic] - Narūt ditto
Porcupine - Kauern [young - crossed out] Men may not eat it,
until they become old.
Native bear - Gūla - may eat (M)
Dog - Bān - No one eats it
Iguana - Bathalūk - Any one may eat it.
Lizard - Keratŭng - ditto
Black snake Jūnyarŭk - ditto
Snake - Laue beri ditto
Opossum - Wadthŭn May eat - (M)
Black opossum - Brak neither (M) nor (F) until made free
Water rat - Tūrblang - No one eat [sic] it except a few old men.
Platypus - Barlajan.
Native Cat - Yūrb - not until made free
Tigercat - Bindhalang - any one may eat.
Ringtail possum - Blāng - my eat (M). (F) when made free
Tūan - Tūan The young men by and bye "steal
or Yit-gatti it" and eat
Large Flying Squirrel Wernda - May eat when made free.
Flying mouse

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