Bream - Kaiau
Perch - Tambūn any one can eat
Flathead - Brindjat
Large Mullet - Bŭrt-biang
Sand Mullet - Krinnŭng
Sea Salmon
Sea trout - Billin
Schnapper Narbūgang any one may eat. But
Leather Jacket - Ugāt the Yalmuai is not
Golden Perch - Lūderak - eaten by the Kurnai.
Shark - Yalmerai
Whale - Ganda - Yes. Dead whales thrown
up by the sea were supposed
to have been killed by the
Mrarts and birds called
"Yaurūk" and sent
ashore. The Mrarts then
communicated to the Biraarks
who told the Kurnai where
to go and find the Ganda.
Seal - Bithaui
Lobster - Dendŭng - any one can eat these
Emu - Maiaur - The young men may not
eat the Emu until made free.
The old men having killed
an Emu and cut it up
and cooked it call the
young men to come and get
their meat. But it is
necessary that all blood should
be carefully concealed with
earth lest the young men
should be injured by seeing it
even. It is said to be like
"their mother's blood".

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