Wild goose - Nath Any one may eat it
Waiŭng - spoonbill The young man may not eat
it until cooked and given
to him by an old man.
Mountain Duck =
Kar-gnŭrk - any one may eat it
Quail - [?Yūrobigwamning?] - ditto
Waterhen - Nilŭng - ditto
[?Grul or Gull?] - Krŭng - ditto
Stingray - Bālangūrk - no one eats it - is is [sic]
not a mŭk Kurnai -
Porpoise - gūrnŭn - This may be eaten by the men. It is the
great Muk-Kurnai
who comes to "frighten
the boys at the Jeraeil".
Frog - Teddelŭk no one injures or
Bullfrog - Blūk eats these. They make
the rain. They have no
intestines nor "gwanung"
like other creatures but
only water inside their
stomachs. If any one
killed a frog great rains
would ensue.
The Buillfrog is "Bunjil
Willŭng = "Mr Rain"
They sit all day in the
water singing aobut
hot weather.
These are some of the
Real Mŭk Kurnai.

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