Yenjin - or in the Nūlit (Braiaka) language Yennin

There were men called Bunjil Yenjin whose business it
was to bring about any particular elopement. For instance
where a young man wanted a wife and fixed his mind
upon some particular girl he employed the Bunjil
Yenji to whom he gave a rug, spears +c. This man
then lay on the ground, the youth went to him and
next all his comrades. The Bunjil Yenjin then
sang his song accompanied by the young men.
This might be in the camp - in fact usually
was, for it was it seems essential that some
friends of the girl say her female cousin should carry
to her the news of what was going on. Indeed every
one knew what was being done and the name
of the girl. Such a song is the following:-
Bára bŭrni [molla - crossed out] wangūr molla
Roll up the twine [a little way off - crossed out] (Jaw) the woman's name / down there (over there)

Tállo bŭrni tallo Káragan
The little twine little sweetheart

ngellagálli Kárnang
I go ahead the hollow (in the ground)
gōla yinna
before you.

Where the Bunjil Yenjin considers that his
song has been sung long enough he tells
the youth - "that will do". But before this
a further incantation takes place.
The Bunjil Dauangŭn is called on,
and he's paid by rug, [blan- crossed out] spears +c

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