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proceeds to sing the parents of the girl to
sleep. He does this by the aid of his throwing
stick which is stuck in the ground slightly
slanting towards the camp of the parents.
By it is placed his būlk and a little distance
in front in the same direction are stuck
in the ground his Yirtŭng (the small leg
bone of a kangaroo [which he with only - crossed out] pointing which
he injures people) and also his gŭmbart
He then sings his song and when the
Murriwŭn falls down the the parents
are [fast-crossedout] supposed to be fast asleep. The
young man then goes up quietly to the camp
and from the back pushes the girl
with a stick. She being ready [+ having -crossed out]
pulls the end as a signal and quietly
fills her battŭng (bag) with the things
- takes her possum rug and joins her
lover who is waiting near.

By and bye as the charm wears off
the old people wake up and find
the girl gone. The father collects his
brothers +c and they sing [the - crossed out] a song [about - crossed out]
which is supposed to have the effect of making
the young man's legs heavy so that he cannot
travel. The father then takes his Murriwŭn
in his right hand held loosely between the fore
+ second finger and under the thumb and
makes short blows to all points successively
of the camp. When the blow falls in the
direction in which the girl [is supposed to have - crossed out]
has run away - the murriwŭn is said to give
a loud crack. The father and his "posse"
then pursue.

[written in left side margin]
Jering = thigh

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