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Kurnai (Tulebar)
say-pointing to some boy for instance
"yet ra dinde = fatherless that one.
The Baiain for death was not specially
painted in any way.

Harry Stevens
father - the
The name of Harry Stevens father was Mūndauin

Omen by Kangaroo
If you saaw a large old man Kangaroo
hopping towards you - you would think
that he was giving notice that enemies were

Omen by crow
Reminiscences of Kangaroo totem?
Sometimes you [see - crossed out] hear a Crow on a tree talking.
You aks him "which way are they coming? North?
[West - crossed out] East? - South? - West? When he says
"nga!" to one of these you know which
way the people are coming.-

the Aurora
When the Kŭrnai saw the Wíra they were much
frightened and took out each one his "BrétaKŭrnai
and said "send it away - or I will" Jíbŭn a
móko (throw in the fire).

It is the thunder that splits the trees.

The sky
Tūlabar could not tell whether the sky was solid. The
bright shining places between the clouds near the horizon
are called Blínte - thunder clouds piled up high
are called "possum fat" - It is supposed that
the whirring of the cicadas cause possums to
become fat and the women then hearing it
beat the folded rugs (drum) to assist.

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