The Kŭrnai (Billy Macleod)
The aurora was called Wira. When they saw it
they were much alarmed and holding out their
[?dead?] hands would say for instance "Jibbŭn a moko"
that is I will burn in fire, if it did not send the
Aurora away.

It is the thunder that splits trees - lightning is
only fire.

The sky
The blue sky was called [?Blíne?] man da nŭrk.

The moon.
When the Kurnai saw the moon red they believed
that it had then devoured a number of
dead men ([?Curdegŭni Kŭrnai) in another
country; being supposed to have sneaked upon
these while they were busy in searching sow thistles
upon which they were supposed to [have fed - crossed out] feed.
When the moon was thus seen the following
song was sung.
Yakwa Yakwa Yakwa
Tari-gwando - bringwana
[?void?] bone excrement
a place [bey-crossed out] west of Lindenow Flat.

This song is said to have been composed
by the Ngūlūmbra Kŭrnai (ancient blacks
(old time blacks).

Languages of the Kŭrnai
Brabra = Mŭkthan (than = speech)
Krauatŭn = Mŭk Krauatŭn than.
Brataua = Nūlet
Braiaka = Nūlet
Tatūng + Dargo = Mŭkthan
Wommanda thang? [Wūmanda - written underneath] what is your language

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