Billy Wambat

Head men
The gwerael Kurnai were the old men.
People always listened to an old man
but they would listen to any man who
could fight well and was strong and also
if he could talk well.

Brūthen mŭnji was an old man and
could talk well - Billy Tūlaba has his
talk from him - Bruthen Mŭnji was
very strong and could fight well. He used
to run after Brajerak and catch them with
his hands and then Bembinkel his brother
would come up and knock them on
the head.

Bŭnbra at Swan Reach (King Fern)
was much listened to but he was
quite a young man; he had not any
white in his beard when he died.

Billy the Bull would be a Headman
and was much listended to years ago even
-it was because he was so strong and
could fight and talk.

I do not know abour Old Morgan
he belonged to Port Albert.

In the olden time Lewin was sent by word
only. The Baiaur carried the words but
did not carry any think [sic] like a stick.
I think the Kurnai learned from the Brajerak
to send Boomerangs and spears.
When a Baiaur brought word that some one was dead
he would say when coming into the camp "Father, (as the
case might be) of that one (pointing to some mother) is
"Tŭrde-gatū būlū lūndū. Tŭrdegatū = Dead
būlūt = above - lūndū= there or he might

[written in left side margin]
an [?? - unable to read this section]
might sit down near
the camp tell his friend
next to him - took him to
his camp and gave him food. Then all being
assembled the Baiain
sometimes told his message
to all - sometimes to persons to whom
he was sent who in a loud voice repeated it to all.

Billy Tūlebar

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