As to the Kŭrnai
per Jimmy Scott
a Būnjil Nellŭng Braiaka

The greatest man among all the Kŭrnai
was Old Morgan - he was a gner-a-ale [(or) el -written above ale] Kŭrnai
or a Yirakel Kŭrnai. Morgan was the oldest;
Bruthen Mŭnji was next and next
to him was Ke-ŭng. The latter was of
the Tatungolung- the father of Billy Clark.

Among the Biraarka the greatest was
Harry Stevens' father Mūnjerū of Bruthen.
(Mūndanŭn Tūlaba says)

Jeraail or Jer-a-el
The Jeraail at which I was made young man, was held just
upon the rising ground beyond the little morass
on the Lucknow side of the river. Just on the
rise of the road. It was advice to be held
by Bruthen Mŭnji and Keŭng and it
was they and their Kŭrnai who got the
ground ready. Bruthen Mŭnji had sent
Lewin (news) by a Bai-aurn (messenger).
When we arrived at where Bairnsdale is and
could see across the river, Old Morgan
was walking first with his jagged spear and
murrinŭn in his hand and his bundle at
his back - all of us men and boys were walking
a little behind him, and behind us the women.
As soon as he got to the brow of the rise
Old Morgan stopped, all the women
then spread out in a long line sate down
and beat the possum rugs. You could hear
it almost to Lindenow. Then the women
at the camp over the river answered
them by beating on their rugs. Then we
all crossed. We all camped together.
For several days there were games
and hunting. Then the Jeraail
was formed. It was made of boughs

[written in left side margin]
Jeraeil? if the a sound
have an ee sound (short)
after it ē ǐ=ai in aid.

The Bai-aurn
carried a Jagged spear
(Boron) having
supended [sic] to the point
a Kaiŭng (mans
belt) and a Budda
Budda of Kangaroo Rat
skin (ngallūn)

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