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the swamp hawk (ngarang) to go after them
and get back the fire. The swamp hawk
flew off about three miles and then soared
and swooped down at them. - he knocked
some fire out of their tree and set the grass
on fire. Baukan then put it out. The
Swamp Hawk soared up and while he
was rising to make another swoop, Baukan
threw up some Kangaroo sinew up to the
sky and tried to climb up but it broke.
They then threw up Emu sinew, [then - crossed out] but it broke
then the sinew of the little red wallaby. -Just
then down came the swamp hawk and
knocked out the fire. - All the grass began to
burn but Baukan climbed up into
the sky with the burning He oak log.
This was how the Kŭrnai nearly lost their

Brewin and the moon
Once the moon (narrŭn) was a young man
He went out hunting and found an Emu
on the other side of a creek. When he wanted
to cross over a log to get at his game Brewin twisted the log
round so that Narrŭn fell into the water.
Each time narrŭn tried to walk over
Brewin turned him over. The Emu is
what you call the Southern Cross.

The Kurnai ancestor.
Old Morgan the Gwera-ale Kŭrnai
(Gweraale = great) told me that long ago
the old Kŭrnai walked across the Sale plains
to the [?Heart?]. He crossed the river there and
walked down to Port Albert. He carried a
canoe on his head. As he walked along
he heard a tapping on the canoe - he
looked up at one side then at the other
but could not see any one. The fact [one - crossed out]

[written in left side margin at bottom of page]
and Someone put
woman into the

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