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was some one had put a woman into
the canoe. When he got down to Port
he found deep water - then he
put his canoe down and lo - there
was his wife in it. He was very pleased
indeed to get a wife. This old Kŭrnai's
name was Būnjil [Boron - crossed out] Bor-ŭn
(Pelican) and his wife was Bŭn
(musk duck)

How the Gippsland Lakes became full of water
Once the Great [Bull - crossed out] frog (Tidde-lek)
drank up all the water so that there
was none left. All the people were getting
very dry - the sea birds had none either.
They all collected round Tidde lek
and tried to make him laugh but they
could not. By and Bye however the
Gang gang cockatoos (KaloKephaler galeatum)
came and coroboreed before him. Their
read [sic] heads looked so funny that
he burst out laughing and the
water all ran out. All the Lakes
and all the sea got to be full
of water and the Yeerung and
Djeetgŭn flew all about the country.

[wrtten in left side margin next to first paragraph]
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