Little Jack - a Krauatūn Kŭrnai
re Jera-el
His father was made a Jera-el at Lake Tyers
of [from - crossed out] which his mother was. He was not made
a Jerael and therefore was not a Yeerŭng
as was his father.
Some of Krauatŭn used to go to Maneroo
ir to beyond Bega to be made Jerael but
had not any Jera-el themselves.

In sleep the Yambo of a man can go out
and see people who have been dead a long time,
but animals have not a Yambo.

Omens by animals
When a Kangaroo comes toward you it is a sign
that some one is [left - crossed out] trying to catch you. The same
when it crosses your path; if it follows you
it means that friends are coming.
It is the same with Emus; also with
Eaglehawk when that bird comes near you
and sits on a tree without being afraid
of you and looks at you - it is a warning
that some one is about.
The mina also gives warning but it is not
reliable - it also warns the Kangaroos
that you are after them.
The crow is a great friend of the Kŭrnai
and flies round them and talks to them
giving them warning of danger.

The sky
The clouds are called nūrt - and the
sky is called bring a nūrt (bring = bone)

Note. Harry Stevens concurred with the above having been
it from the old people; but he could not tell (nor
could Jack) what they supposed happened to be beyond the

[written in left side margin - next to comment about Krautun not having Jeraeil]
This is a puzzling
question - Why had not
the Krauatun the

[written in left side margin above 'the sky']
Old totems

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