Billy Wood a Kŭtbŭntaura= Braiaka

The human spirit
Each person has a Yambo inside him which
can go out when he sleeps and walk about
and go up to the sky and see his father
and mother.
But animals have no Yambo.

Kangaroos in dreams
Yet in dreams Kangaroos, & Emus can give
warning. For instance if a man in a dream
saw a number of kangaroos sitting round him
he would know that some Kŭrnai or some
Brajerak were coming after him to kill him.

The Mina bird warning
The "Miner" [a Minah = Millphega ganula - written above Miner] (a bird) gives warning to the Kangaroos
of danger and it also warns the Kŭrnai
to look out for themselves. It is called

The story of Baukan
Once Baŭkan and her son Būlūmdūt lived
on the earth near [Prospect - crossed out] Port Albert.
While Būlūmdūt was out hunting Kangaroos
Baŭkan went out to where a lot of black women
were catching little fish with their nets "Law-ŭn"
As they caught them they put them in their bags and
gave Baukan none. Then Baŭkan continued
to ask for some fish the women gave her some
mud. Then Baukan went home and looking
in Būlūmdūt's bag found some Kangaroo eyes
which she took. When Būlūmdūt returned
not having been able to kill any game he found his
Kangaroo eyes gone. He said "who has been to my bag"
Baukan said "I did - those women would not
give me any fish" Then Būlūmdūt said "all
right we will not stay down here any more.

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