Groggin when thrown at a man in [??]
will cut of [sic] the Tŭn.

A man can be caught with Barn if you
can find the place where he has been
sitting. But it must be directly after he has
gone away. They must be at the place with
the barn and sing.

Rivers says a Barn song is:
moonang ngi-ay (then name)
He is coming
Bee-ar lounganda barnda
The barn is swinging him along

The men who use the Murriwun are called,
Bungil Murriwun. They make the Murriwun
strong by rubbing it with fat (Kangaroo)
It will do if the Murriwun is stuck
where a man has made Tun - yam - or

Bulk must be put into the
gwannŭng which it is hot

Mŭlla mŭllŭng
A black fellow is made a Doctor by some one coming to him
in his sleep and showing him the things that make people
sick such as bulk, stones + and teaching him a song
of the M. M. There is a song to every kind of this case.
Suppose there were some "bottle" in a mans arm the
Doctor would straighten it and rub it downwards
then sings his song and sucks the place and
brings out the "bottle".
Gins may be Mulla Mullungs.

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