Painting Fights dances
In attending a "set-fight" (nŭnge-nŭnger) eg that of [Lamby] the
aggrieved are painted with murtu all over then red
faces and bodies white the aggressors are painted
with naial: Also when a party went out to
revenge a death by killing some one the members were
painted with murtu. See the fight at [??]
For corroborees both red and white paint is used
in marks on the face + body arbitrarily put on
at the fancy of the wearer.

At the Jeraeil the youths were painted with
Naial on the face.
The Mullamullung wore a white stripe acorss
the face.

The Bullawreng was painted round each
eye with murtu in resemblance to the Black Duck
It was after the Black Duck that the Bullawreng
was named having reference to its two eyes.
Bulla - (mree) - wreng
Two eyes duck

The Black Duck and the Robin were
both "Policemen" to look after the boys. Both
of them were Bullawreng - but this name
was not spoken before boys or [women - crossed out] girls

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