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Brataua Kurnai

The Mŭlla Mŭllŭng
Tommy Hoddinot the son of a Brataua
of Tarra River and a Wang [(?) - crossed out] woman
of Cranbourne became a Mŭlla Mŭllŭng
in this manner.
He dreamed the following dream
three times.
He found himself in a place when
there was a rope hanging down from the
sky and he was surrounded by a great
number of men who each had a white
band of pipeclay across his face (nose).
Among these was his father who said to him
"take hold of the rope". Doing this these people
swung him backwards + forwards. Then his
father said "Keep hold of the rope and
come with me. The men had tied
something over his eyes yet he could see
before him a passage between two [?rocks?] which
as he approached came nearer to each other
until there was not room to pass through. Going
in he heard the [?rocks?] knock against each other
as they closed. His father then took off the
bandage and he found he was in a cave
that shone like fire. His father went to
one side and said "see these things
and take one of them." This he did
and they went out when he woke and
looking round still could see the [?rocks?]
just as they closed together. He found that
in his hand he had something like glass.
In the three dreams he obtained two things
what he kept in a bag of Ringtail possum
skin. He could then draw things
out of people. His father when they came
out of the cave had shown him how
to be a Mŭllamŭllŭng by throwing one
of these pieces of stuff at one of the men
-then sticking the place where it went
in with a bough and then [??] it
with his hand draw out the thing itself.

[written in left side margin]
Some Doctors
wore charcoal
powder rubbed
round their mouths.

Described it as
about the size and
thickness of half a
knife blade
of ordinary [??] size
-(Real Knife)

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