Clark + Coleman

I was once at Yūn thŭr. The Dinna
Birraark Brewin was there with his
wife. In the night she woke and shouted
out that he was gone up to the Mrarts.
All got ready and shouted out
"Where are you?" He replied "Here
I am - I am coming down? - He
said he had heard the Mrarts
making a great noise and having
a corroboree (gounyourū) and
that he went up. Then the Mrarts
came down with him and
that he went up. Then the Mrarts
came down with him and
conversed with [the-crossed out] us about where
the other mobs of Kŭrnai were.
We found Brewin afterward lying
where the Mrarts had been.

Brewin was once away
for two nights and a day with the
mrarts and the Kŭrnai therefore
named him Brewin.

I remember once at a place
near Bruthen that Mūnjanin
was found after the Mrarts had
left up in the very tip of a big
Ironback tree (Yeerick). He was
asleep on a small bough. An
old man had to cut steps
to go up for him.

Another time we found
Mūnjanin lying when the
Mrarts had been. They had
when they went away left a
log a foot thick lying on his back.
He was asleep and when we
woke him he said "he was
sleepy and feels tired."

[written in left side margin]
I feel bound to dissent from this conclusion

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