men who go about seeking to take people's fat
are called Bŭra-bŭrŭk (flying) or
Bret Bŭng (with the hand - that is who pull out
the fat by the hand) - or Bretbŭng mūng-nga
warrūgi - that is By the hand - from a long way.
These men can fly about - knock you down
and take your fat out; then you die. Murray
is such an one. [sic]
To illustrate "flying" - ngárūgal - mūndū
crow there (at hand)
bŭrang moko
flying beyond or there (at a distance).
To illustrate moko: - blápan wŭrt - moko
walk all of us there (to that place)
būlā wŭrka brémanda wŭrk
that ground (earth) best [??] do

[written in left side margin]
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