Tommy Hoddinot says:-

Doctors Mulla Mullung
When I was a boy I was camping at Alberton
in the Police Paddock with Old Morgan, Darby
and others. I dreamed three times about
the same thing. The first time I [thought - crossed out] dreamed
that [I was - crossed out] my old father, his brother and a number
of old men came and dressed me up with Lyrebird
feathers round my head. The second time [they - crossed out] I
dreamed that they came they were rubbed all
over from head to foot with [naial - crossed out] red ochre
and each one had a budda brillda on.
The third time they came they tied a rope
made of fish sinews round my waist and round
my neck and swung me by it and carried me
in the air to [Yertŭng (Wilson - crossed out] Yirŭk
(Wilsons promontory). There I saw a wall of
rock and something like an opening between
two rocks. My father held me by the arm
and took me inside. It was quite
dark and the rocks shut to behind me,
I heard them knock together. My father led
me further on to where it was quite light
and he then said "take one of these [Kīn - crossed out] "thing".
There were bright things like glass on the side of
the wall. I took one and held it tight
in my hand. My father then said to the
other men "I am going to take him back."
He led me out and carried me by the
rope to the camp and put me in the limb
[top - crossed out] of [the - crossed out] a tree. He said "You must shout out
now to let them know you are come back."
When I woke up I was lying on the limb of
the tree above the ground and I then did

[written in left side margin]

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