W Montgomery

In the year/44 when Robinson (Protector) came over
to see the district. [with - crossed out] In riding down [??] at Heart
along back of [?morass?] - his two Murray Black police
found a skeleton doubled up in a [??] tree
- eight feet from ground not wrapped up in anything.
[Another time the - crossed out] The blacks [??] [one ?? - crossed out] a gin
at the Heart in [??] made in an Ant heap.
Scooped out the inside [??] [??] She was wrapped up in
her possum cloak and tied up. They mourned for her from
two or three days. Bobby the Blackfellow was buried
in hole in the ground - did not carry him about
- because they were then about the station - were
not travelling about except periodically.-

Were painted - eyebrows white, [??] white + red + white
stripe. And had a kilt + budda budden.
One dancer was representing Kangaroos. Representing
the actions of Kangaroos. The gins sang and old
men beating time. Some [songs - crossed out] corroborees were
merry + some monotonous.

When stranger came the women used to carefully
cover themselves up with their rugs.
Women generally wore possum cloaks. The men
sometimes went about naked but also equally wore
the budda + kaiang - perhaps more often than not.
Montgomery brought them in - in 1846-47 at the
Head + had no more trouble after - Jimmy Scott
was a little boy about 10 years old.

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