Billy McLeod
The Brajerak have a thing like "Bulk" only it is stronger.
It is called Krūg-ŭl-lŭng. The Brajerak men
can bring it up out of there chests. Charley Buchanan
and Kangaroo Jack were nearly killed by carring [sic] some
Krūgŭl lŭng in a bag from the Murray. Charley Buchanan
once killed a blackfellow with a boomerang that
had Krūgŭllŭng in it. It is not necessary to
put Krugullung - or Naial on a spear
because the Mŭrrawŭn itself is "very
strong". Blackfellows carry Krūggullūng
in a bag of Ringtail possum skin. It is
more than Bulk and belongs to Brajerak.

A Yab-ŭng lives in the holes in the great
Loung-our-at trees (which grow on the Melbourne
Road). It is like a blackfellow. It is friendly
to Blackfellows. It is very good. It makes a
noise like a gun.

The Eaglehawk was once a blackfellow
- he kills Kangaroos.

There were once Nagŭns everywhere. There is the
big hole of a Nagŭn at Lake Tyers. It cries out "Ngaaa"
Dan's mother once fought with one. It is a very bad
thing - it has long breasts like a woman.

A mrart is a dead blackfellow from another country; it comes out at
night with a bag. At Boul Boul it caught a big blackfellow
- the gins ran up - the blackfellow was shaking as
if with the cold. When I first saw a whitefellow at
Swan reach I was very frightened for it thought
he was a mrart.

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