The Kurnai
Imported Corroboree
Billy the Bull and Jambi heard
the following corroboree at Sale some
years ago - Melbourne blackfellows
brought it over. It was said to have
come from Yass to Tumut, thence to
the Murray and to Melbourne.
Mr Bulmer heard it at the Junction
of Darling + Murray in 1860.

It was sung by a man who stood
facing a line of men (audience) so that
the fire light shone on him. In his
hand he held the message (corroboree)
stick - which was about 30in long
by 3 wide and sq 1/4in. thick, marked by
diagonal bands of alternate red ochre
and pipe clay. In his other hand
he held a bough which he waved
over the stick as he sang thus:
When Mr Bulmer saw it
the stick was round
with diagonal bands.
The words as follows:-
The meaning of the word is unknown.

Kŭrnai= a man - Brūk-a-Kurnai - head of a man
Thūnakan, ma, Kŭrnai make = speak to the man
Yūajeak ma Barndan make = give the meat to the dog
Kŭrnai batā wrūkŭt= the man and the women
gree ma Lambi = Lambi's canoe

[written in left side margin]
Was this a "message stick"?

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