Australian Aborigines

Corroboree song
mŭlla-mŭllé Kūrūitba tára-irá tára-irá
Platypus big rock river bend

gūialtūra nanga ebermernan
big water hold

[Murry - crossed out] Mŭri Jack could not remember
the remainder of the song.

The Kaiŭng or bridda briada was made of
possum fir string (15 ft long) and two kilts
one in front = nit-tŭn and one behind =
The Kaiung of the women hung down to the
knees in front.

Conger eel = noyang
Silver eel - lana-yak

Batman and Port Phillip Blacks
"one of my natives went to a tree out of sight of the
women, who were not permitted to know their freemasonary
signs - and made the Sydney natives mark. After
this was done I took with me two or three of my natives
to the principal chief, and showed him the mark
on the tree. This he knew immediately and
pointed to the knocking out of the teeth. The
mark is always made when the ceremony of
knocking out the teeth in front is done. He
took the tomahawk and cut out in the
back of the tree his mark which is attached
to the deed and is the signature of the
country and tribe."
This is said to be part of Batman's despatch
to Governor of Tasmania - Look it
up and verify if possible.
[??] did the Geelong blacks knockout

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