Australian Aborigines

Maneroo Blacks
When a burial was concluded they moved camp
across some river.

Killing a crow brought stormy weather.

Kurnai language
The Krauatun [Tatung, and – crossed out] speak Mŭkthang;
the Braiaka, Brataŭa and Tatunga speak
Nūlart. per King Charley
Pūtchi-māl = come here!
The Flag root is dūrūk and the cabbage tree is
tabbár – per King Charley

Borun = jagspear, waal or ganŭt = reed spear
Murriwŭn = throwing stick, Bamarŭk = shield spear
Tŭrnmŭng = waddy, spear, [shield? – written above spear], Tundiwŭng = [diagram]
Kŭnnin = [diagram], Kallŭk = [diagram]
per Big Joe

Tūmŭng = mountain messmate
River white gum at B’dale = gūra-binnak
or daubal-daubal (white) binnak
Ironbark = Yírik

Billy Woods’ Nakŭn was Bunjil Dauangŭn
and Bunjil Barn was his elder Brother

go all of us there

Let us all go there.
Ngarūgal mūndū bŭrrang moko
crow there flying there
There is a crow flying

[written along right side margin at bottom of page]
mundu [?indintē?]
the bird moko [?indintē?]
the place

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