from Billy Wood
The Gelantipy men are called
Wūrara Midŭng – Gelantipy is Wŭrara.

The Gippsland blacks are called
by them gūngala
and salt water is ngatchūngal.

A small pointed bone (kangaroo bone) is used – called Winjerrup
=pointing – 12 inches long – sharp at one end.
At the other end are tied Kangaroo sinews and strips
of flesh torn from the upper arm and the leg of a dead corpse.
[diagram] It is rubbed with
[?radale or raddle?] and grease from a corpse. If a man
is killed by this he dreams of it. When a
man is sick his friends will say “do you
dream of any one?”
There is also a murder instrument
called Gūliwil. It is used to kill
peoples. This was invented only
about 12 years ago by an old blackfellow
called King Maial.

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