so that a piece of fire fell down to the earth. Bibbrew
(the robin) seeing it carefully blew the spark up into
a flame and taking some of the fire spread it over
his breast where one can see it now. Thus it
was that the Kurnai got back their fire.

The frog + Noyang
Long ago all the water was drying up
and the little that was left Tidelek (the bullfrog)
swallowed and kept inside himself. All the people
were in danger of dying of thirst and some
tickled the sides of Tedelek while others danced (corroboreed)
before him to make him laugh so that the water
would run out of him. Ngarugal (the crow),
gula ([??]) [?Jun?] (Kangaroo), Narūt (wambat)
and all the other Muk Kurnai [corr - crossed out] danced
to make him laugh but in vain. At last
Noyang (the conger eel) began to dance and he
had sea weed hanging over his head as he danced
and he looked so funny that Tidelek burst out
laughing and all the water ran out of him.
All the rivers, and creeks and lakes and water
holes got full and there was no more scarcity.
The Tideleks (frogs) are always now singing
about water.

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Būrŭn + his wife
Būrŭn (Pelican) walked from the Lakes Entrance
to Port Albert carrying a canoe on his head. As he walked
along some one put the leg of a kangaroo [into - crossed out] (Djerene-Djiraua)
into his canoe and it became a woman. Thus it
was that Būrŭn got a wife.

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