Wotjoballuk Tribe Wimmera River Victoria
F Primary class subclasses Totem
A Krokitch 1 2 3
B Gamutch 4 5 6

These class divisions extend in slight dialect variaations from Mt Gambier
to north of Lake Hindmarsh where they come
in contact with the subjoined class divisions
in which Krokitch= and
Gamutch =
They are [??] in having 6 [?cut down?]

Tribe Darling River N.S.W.
Primary classes Totems

These class divisions also in slight [?dialectic?]
forms extend throughout the course of the
Darling River; to the west of it to the Barrier
and Grey Ranges; to the East about as far
as the junction of the Murray + Murrumbidgee
and for some distance up the Lachan [sic] River;
where it comes in contact with the [??]
type of class division - that of the well known Kamily
tribes. To the north the boundary of these
two classes is probably about ?
[?Gwydyr?] Rv [Warijeri - crossed out] 1 Tribe [Murrumbidgee River - crossed out]

A 1 2
B 3 4

[written in left side column]
1 quote report

The class [??]
is as follows:-

2 quote in first

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