Kurnai food rules

children women Tūtnŭng
stingray Bālangūrk - no one eats it
grub crŭng - yes any one
porpoise gūrnŭng - any one can eat it

The lauerberi snake is not [??] - any one will eat him.
The boys cannot eat the flesh of Noyang - conger eel nor of
the Porcupine = gallern until the "mrarts" have given
it them to eat the [??] hidden in the ground.

The Gauern or gūmbak is the gweabun wifes in river of the thunder.
When he hears it he buries himself in the ground.

can eat any fish only noy Noyang

The Buller wreng is one of the real old fathers of
the Kurnai. The [?looks?] out fpr the boys at the
Jeraeil. The Buller is not bullen=[??] nor is
wreng = black duck. As [?In?] says the "Wreng" is on
this side and the Tūtbing (Buller wreng) is in that
side he has nothing to do with him."

The woman cannot make the [?Tūt wurrung's?] hers
because [??] she could not [?bake?] his dūra.

The Rule is (with few exceptions) the Jeraeil may eat
anything that swims in [the -crossed out] or in the water - except
the Bk Duck, the Spoonbill, - he may eat [anything - crossed out]
[that butt- crossed out] the wambat because it burrows
in the ground but he may not eat some things that
climb up trees.

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