yangi wūnmatū brawa she says mūnanūnjie
KiKanat lūlūi yak

Charly Rivers
Yanji - wūn matū brawa - [mūnda - crossed out]
[taerta - crossed out]

aun nng - mūnda Berra watūn (Bruthen)
don't know there at
nabbūnda - brebba? tūe ntu yak
how many more that way (west)

mūndu - them - passive
tūntū them active

[?tintakka?] - here - near at hand
tintaingaga - here - active walking

[Brabra Ng - crossed out] Wūrl ngin gegan - where are you going?

Bruthen - Boul Boul - or all Tatungulung
[?Nūnung?] [??] or Brit Britti
or Wy Yang - [null] [null] - not much
from [??]

Wy Yang the same
vice versa
[??] [??] the same
Dargo Brunager? [Tatūngulung - crossed out] [?Bunanger?] Tatūngulung (half) at
Shaving Point

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