Edible plants +c
Dárŭrin = the berries of Billiardieri Scandius
roasted in the fire
Kōndern = a plant growing on the Sale plains
Gūrnŭng = Kangaroo apple
Kang-ay-yang = plant on river banks
Dánglewŭn = a fungi

The whitefellow brought the ordinary mushroom
blackfellows do not eat it.
Jonŭngain = a fugi growing on a tree
Yábenbŭr = Brachychyton propulneus
This is not a Kurnai word but a Brajerk
The Kurnai learned to cook and eat the root
from the Brajerak.
Dékkil = a tree fern Cyathea?
Garŭk = Alsophila Australis
Kakáura = [?Dukoinu Austaulien?]
These are placed in the order of merit as regards
food. Dekkil does not grow in the mountains.
Bekūla = gūrmŭt = wattle gum
Muoyat = Dēirŭng = ?
Dŭrtgŭrŭk = ?
(Q) Quárak =
Kŭtwut = Pigface (eaten raw)
Yallet-ban-ŭng = a bush grows in sand hummocks and bears
small berries

Ngourang = convovulus sepium
Tallak = sow thistle
Bolwin = Persoonia
Dūra = Typha angastifolie
Nelŭng = Porphyrio [?melandles?]
Bringa [?naranla?] = Bone - moon - if
= the flats about 2 miles from Maffra
up Macallister River

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