In the old times the Kurnai made fishhooks
of bone and it was the province of the women to
fish with the lines while the men caught
fish by spearing them. The lines were made
of the inner bark of the Black wood tree.
(Acacia melanoxylon) J Bulmer

Merriman is at [?Mr McKays?] the
manager of the aboriginal station
at Tilba Tilba - Waloga Lake

The Kurnai had certain animals, birds and
fish which were thier "Thundun" ([?Eor Brother?])
For instance:
Larry's father when Larry was a small boy - say
eight years of age said to him, pointing to a small
bird what frequent the sea shores - and called,
Blit-burrung - "that is your budjan - do
not hurt it. He has never injured one [??]
not eat it. [was like - crossed out] if any one [??] [??] in
his presence he would be very sorry.
Larry belongs to the Malagoota section
of the Krauatun Kurnai - who are also
classed by the Yuin as of their tribe. They
appear to be one of their [??] groups [??] [??]
[??] to each tribe. The term "Budjan"
is used by the Yuin, but Larry says that it is
the same as the Thundung to Kurnai

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