Billy the Bull - is a Kurnai of
Lake Bunga. He says the Thundung
is the Yalmerai (shark) that when there
are too many [?often?] about he would "sing them"
away. No one eats shark.

Harry Daeramunges His Thundung is
a Bird called Gliun, [fr - crossed out] the Pophyro
melanotus. When he was a small boy his
father said to him "That is your Thundung.
You will have it when I die." Do not kill it.

Big Charly His Thundung are the
two Conger eels - the Būra which is the smaller
one and the Nuy-yang which is the larger.
He says that he eats of both of them.

King Charly also [?had?] these for him +
could also eat of them.

Tulaba's Thundung was Jira (Kangaroo)
Big Joe Thurung - the Tiger snake
Billy Jumbuck Thurung - Tiger snake
Bunjil Barlijan (Old Timothy)

[comment written at end of page linked back with arrow to Billy Jumbuck]
When Mr Bulmer once [walking with - crossed out] saw
Billy Jumbuck walking along looking down at a
Tiger snake which is wriggling along [??]
him. Mr Bulmer said "What is that?"
Billy Jumbuck replied "The one

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