Western Port Tribe

Mr Connor J.P. says that when he came
into Western Port district in 1841 the blacks did
not number 500 all told.

Rain makers
He remembers during a very wet time that
an old man endeavored to produce fine
weather and to send the rain away by
"muttering words to himself as he sate by his
fire and at the same time throwing
any ashes from the edge of the fire against
the direction from which the rain was coming."

Bundanāl says
At [th- crossed out] Yanakie and the left hand side of Andersons Inlet
+ up the Tarwin therein - then in the Tūlā-warra-warra
division of the Brataūalang clan, on the opposite side of
Andersons inlet there was then of
the Bunorung tribe,
Old Darby was at Foster and was also in the head man of the Kut-wut-division
the Bunjil gworun of Port Albert, Alberton, Taraville - Yarram.
The Tūlā-warra-warra spoke a "little nūlet".
see p. 48 - when the Yanakie people are called Nanjet.

The Port Albert, Taraville people used to go
across to Wilsons promontory at times for mutton

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