hw0406 Notes on Eucalypt names from Gippsland Aboriginal people



Names of the Eucalypts given to them by the Gippsland Aborigines --------------------------------------------------------------------------Kurnai names for the Eucalypts in the Mŭk thāng Dialect (2) -----------------------------------------------------------E. Amygdalina - [tick] Chūnchŭka Amygdalina - (b) Katalalak or Yertchuk amygdalina - (c)-------------------------------- wang-ngara (2) Botryoides - [tick] Binak Capitellata - [tick] [crossed out Dūmŭng Gūyŭn-gūyŭn] [dūmŭng?] Eugenioides - [tick] [crossed out Dūmŭng] yangūra Globulus - [tick] [crossed out Binak] (Balūk) - wang njara (2) ([Brataua?]) Goniocalyx - [tick] Bálūk Gunii - [tick] Gūra binak Hemiphloia - [tick] Dēn or Dérn [word crossed out] Leucoxylon - [tick] Yirik or Bwŭrawi Macrorhyncha - [tick] [Káta katak?] or [(Yūróka)] (3) [Thang quai?] Melliodora - [tick] Dárgan Obliqua - [tick] Káta katak Odorata - [tick] Dargan Pauciflora - [tick] Bŭndagra 3 -Piperita - [tick] Yángūra Polyanthema - [tick] Den (or Dern) 10-Pulverulenta - Bindŭrk [(word crossed out)]

[On LHS Bindŭrk (Mukthang)

Sieberiana - Yauŭt Stellulata - Yīmbit Stuartiana - Bŭt Bŭt Tereticornis - Yūro 5- Viminalis - Binak

11- [four lines bracketed crossed out] wang-ngara

[Line crosssed out]

Tristania laurina - Gūyŭr

[circle with dot] Mŭkthang (i.e. Excellent speech) was spoken by the [Brabolenj? or Brabolung Kurnai who inhabited the country [upon?] Mitchell, Nicholson Tambo River; [near? or the?] Kruatun Kurnai camp [?] [try?] [Dr?]. camp & spoke the [word crossed out] Thang-quai or " broad speech"; the [Brayakalung?] Kurnai inhabited the south of the Avon, Macalister, Thompson [fl?] River & spoke the Muk Thang or variations of it with Bratàua [two words crossed out] --------2-----and Tatung Kurnai who inhabited the country between lakes and the sea in South gippsland sea [Nulit?] spoke the Nūlit

[writing on LHS]

(2) E amygdalina is [Erica?] [rest of line crossed out] The bark of the tree is extremely tough and can be stripped up the bole in long stripes. That of E globulus

is not so tough but hangs at times when falling off from the limbs & [trunk?] in long strings from which [perhaps?] the South Gippsland black called it Wang ngara. [rest of line crossed out]

But wanj = bark and ngara = string or tough [as?] [?] [ngarang]] = sinew the application of such a term is much [more?] [appropriate?] E amygladina [(4)?] than to E globulus.

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