Maap tribe (Bidwelli)

Maap had a subdivision Maap Koolong.
The territory of both divisions occupied the whole
of the Snowy River watershed (eastern side only)
from the Little Plain River (NSW) to the coast
in Victoria.

Marriage were [sic] only prohibited with the
children of fathers or mothers brother or sister.
Wife belonged to husbands tribe clan? as also the children

No class names or totems used in the

Old Lawson said that he is Mūntharū= Tuan squirrel
but he professed not to know what his wife was - she had
died lately.

Tongi Jimmy's wife and another [Bidwell - crossed out] woman
said they [were - crossed out] and Tongi's daughter Sarah are all

Mickey said that Jack Būnjil (a native of
Bondi) is Tchūteba and he further said
that part of the people (Bondi) were Tchuteba
and part Nadjabejan.

[written in left side margin]
Senr const
Frank James

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