Questions for John Connolly

mothers brother djarŭm bŭp
fa. Bro. wife - nallūk
mo. bros. wife - nallūk
m. w. sist. son - natchup
m. w. bros. son - namung yup
F. H. bros. son - [ditto] [ditto]
F. H. sist. son - [ditto] [ditto]
M. sons wife - ?[nŭnŭng ngent- crossed out]
F. Husb. father - ? [jarum ŭp - crossed out]
M. Dau. husb. - ngatyan ngatch
M wifes father - ngatyan ngatch
F. sons wife - garing (see below)
F. Husb. mother - garung
F. Dau. husb- [nallŭng garing- crossed out]
M wifes mother - nallŭng gŭrk
M. wifes sist. husb - wal= like brother
F Husb. bros. wife - almost - djajt
M. wifes bros. wife
F. Husb. sist. husb.
what does naneitch (husb) mean
also gūreitch (wife) ngatagūrk
or mim
F. Sist. Husband - mim
Husb. sist Husb wal djadjt
what does this mean? Quere - wal=brother
what are the meaning of ngŭrtŭkgŭrk
maimanet + matjum = wife
M. Brothers wife - gūreit digūrk
wifes brother gūreitch
Husbands sister garing (see above)
M. sist. Husband
F. Bros. wife
[wifes sist. Husb. - crossed out]
F Husb brother gūreitch


mother mother brother
gartchukagŭrk gartchŭka

Gartchŭka George Wūrant

[written on right hand side of page]
(1) Is descent of totem male or
(2) Draw out diagram of Johnny's
relations; or some other
(3) May bros. chidren marry? No
(4) May sisters children marry? No
(5) May children of Bros + sist. marry? No
(6) are boys + girls "noa"" to each other?
(sometimes on the sly - no penalty)
(7) [which were the most - crossed out]
[numerous totems? can't say - crossed out]
(8) [what are the meaning of the - crossed out]
[preceding terms of relationship - crossed out]
cannot say

Mt Arapiles = Kowan
= a mountain

Jajowerong - clans
Leark a bulluk
Pill-a-whin-goondeetch (see page 2)
Kalk Kalk goondeetch
Wayrerong goondeetch

When a man died - dig a small
trench round the body - sweep it out
carefully and look for small hole;
if find one put a piece of straw in
it and see what way points.

Race - goon-deetch
Tribe - bulluk
Female - Tooree - or gūrk
men + women - goolee bar tittee
Body - Bang
spirit - mooroop
ghost - Koo-chel
(see page 2)

He remembers that in playing ball
his mother + he plated on the
same side

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