Mūkjarrawaint Tribe

Old Turner
King Major
Donald Cameron


Yirani Gartchukagurk - Gartchŭka Wife
Johnny Gartchŭka George Wūrant

I obtained the following information from
Johnny Connolly, a half-caste native of
the Mukjarawaint tribe. He was brought
up by his maternal grandfather’s brother until
the age of [blank]. He subsequently was at the
Lake Condah Mission. He speaks English
thoroughly and with intelligence. I have
recorded his information in the first
person as many of his experioences were
very characteristic and I have endeavoured
to follow as near as possible the words he
used and as I noted them down at
the time.

"The Mūkjarawaint lived in the
country between Ararat, Carrs Plains
on the Richarson, Horsham and
Rosebrook and extedned back into the
Grampians. Each man and each
woman living in that country was
Mukjarawaint. The name is also
that of a place now called Mūkpilli.
I am unable to say what the meaning of
Mūkjarawaint is - I only know
that Mūk means "short".

I am a half caste my mother was never married
to a blackfellow. She lived with a digger who found
Pleasant Creek. My mothers [sisters husband - crossed out] brother was a Gartchuka and
he was also my maam (father) - my mothers sister
was my baap (mother)

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The place names that are difficult read can been compared with Howitt (1904) 'Ararat, Carr's Plains, the Richardson River, Horsham, Rosebrook, and back into the Grampian Mountains.’ (p.55)


I have also created a subject link for Pleasant Creek which is a former name of what is now called Stawell but also refers to a water course running out of the Black Range.