Ngŭnnŭn njŭnŭt was once out
hunting for emus. In the neighbourhood where he was
a native turkey had a well which he kept covered up with a
stone. Water was scarce and every one was thirsty. A little
bird (tree creeper) found and lifted up the lid.

A native companion [Nūrk gwark?] and a black swan
([gŭnawara?]) found the place and got into the well.
They flapped the water with their wings and it began to spread out.
Ngŭnnŭn njŭnŭt heard it and thought it was an Emu
making a noise in the scrub. He went to see and [?]
came to the river where he saw the two young women
standing in the water. When they saw hihim they came
out and asked him what relative he was to them.
They said "Are you our brother?' our uncle? our father?
and so on naming all the relationships they could think
of. To all this he said "no". They then said "Well then
in that case you must [underlined] be our husband". He said
"I must be". So he married both of them.
Before this Ngŭnnŭn njŭnŭt had a wife - his
first wife - and she was [yartal gūrk?].

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[[Ngŭnnŭn njŭnŭn]] is incorrect spelling.