[Left hand margin]
That is one not of his [own?] totem.

A man of any one totem might
marry a woman of any other totem female.
[most of line crossed out] me and

[Left hand margin text inserted here]
children of brothers
children of sisters
is [brother?] & sister all
[forbidden?] to marry
not related
to him in the fathers or mothers side.
Such marriages were forbidden and
punished with the utmost severity.
The above names are scattered all over
the country I have mentioned and
they even extended beyond the
boundaries of the [Mūkjanawaint?]
forund [laū??] down the Richardson towards the Murray
as far as Mt Colein the East and
south as far as Hamilton. I remember
when I was once going with cattle to
Adelaide I saw some black fellows
at Wellington on the Murray. I said
in English where do you belong to.
One of them replies "From the Richardson
country". I then said "[Ngour-warra?]"? that
is what are you? He replied "Gartchŭka".
He was the same as my brother. When
I was returning home from that trip I found
blackfellows at [Guichen Bay?] whose
language I could understand and
who were "Gartchŭka and Wūrant and
their mothers had come from my

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Guichen Bay is at Robe, South Australia