been a Gartchŭka boy and a
Wūrant girl. The boy before he
ran off would give notice to the other
Gartchŭka boys to be on their guard
[X here with arrow down 7 lines] for this reason that the men of all the
other names at that place particularly those related
to the girl will fight with them if they
cannot catch him. All these men would
chase him when it became known that
he had run off with the girl. If they
caught him they would most likely
kill him.
[Insert X here]

If he escaped to his own
country with the girl where she had no relatives he would be
safe. He would lend the girl to
the other Gartchŭka boys - for one day- after that she belonged
to him alone.

If a
married woman eloped with a man,
say a Gartchŭka she
would belong to all the other Gartchŭka
for a day or so.

In a case where, say a Gartchŭka,
man ran off with some girl who
was considered too nearly related to
him - for instancehis cousin (mothers
sister's daughter) the men all

[Left hand margin]
If the male relatives of the girl (of both sides) caught the couple and did not kill the young man they would take
him back with them. If he were a Gartchŭka the other Gartchŭka were there they would run off and tell his friends if near at hand who would come,

If not or in any case the next day he would have to stand up and fight the girls
relatives. He would be armed with a shield ([gram]) and a throwing stick ([gorrek]) the former to stop spears

[on LHS her female Rel----]
and the latter to ward them off. The girls father and
[on LHS her male Rel----]

brothers would say "now look out" - and then throw
their spears at him. After that all the others, when all were thrown if he were not
hit, it was all over and very often he was allowed to keep the girl. The girl would be beaten
by her mothers [underlined] (mother, mothers sister) with

[LHS her male relation]
[LHS his female relations]

yam sticks. Her father & brothers would beat her - and
spear her. If she were not [?] to the young man and had a child it would be killed.

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