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Weringa-ba-kutchap division - Pine Plain
Rock Spring near Lake Corrong

[The following are grouped under the following, which is written on the left hand side]
Wartwut claims:
gāng - Typha angustifolia
moi wil - a poisonous snake
mindai - [ditto] [ditto]
Tickomai - Brown snake
Lark - reed
[?Leiruk?] - [Death adder - crossed out] a snake
Wurke - bunga - death adder snake
Bingal - Diamond snake
Jarrocha - poisonous snake
Te-kom - [ditto] [ditto]
Lerk - a small snake

Bāp - E. sp. white gum local name
Ngaui - the sun
mitjen - the moon
garchuka - gotjun - native companion
bōk - Bandicoot
Kau-ur - Emu
Munya - a yam
Wallang - wood duck

Ngurau - Turkey
Jallup - mussel - Jeri - Bk cockatoo - red in tail
Benera - teal duck
Yurkorn - a lizard
ngari - [?Bull oak?]
Julwil - musk duck
Bityangur - mountain duck
[Kr - crossed out] Kirauer - a small diver
Dual-dual Duck with pendant side of bill
ngaruar - magpie goose
Durt - like a teal duck
wūtchuk - like a duck

waang - crow
Kolor nok - snake - not poisonous- red belly
Jallan - Whip snake - yarn - native cat
Berejul - Tiger cat
gunowara - black swan
[jinap - sulphur crested cockatoo - crossed out]
wilkur - dingo

Joyo - small lace lizard
Ngarnur - [?Larger?] lace lizard
Wotcha - Largest lace lizard
Wurant nguri - Black duck
Bk cockatoo gŭrmil - Black snake
Wallap - Sleeping Lizard
Jinap - Sulphur crested cockatoo
Pitchi-Kal - quandong
Kutchi - like quandong

Barnga - grey heron
Batyangal - Karimbal - wader long legs, spotted breasts
Jarb gūk - white gul [sic]
Burtita - white bellied Cormorant
Borup - smaller black cormorant
Wangwūng large black cormorant
Wanyep - fire

[written in left side margin]
Sergeant Major


Wrembulin = Krokitch
her daughters = Kaputch
[?Jenutgenkt?] = Krokitch-jallup
Gartuk = Krokitch

Sergeant Major


[written in table under Wartwut]
Bial - E. [?Rustrala?]
Ngaui - the sun
nutjen - the moon
gotjan-native companion
bōk - bandicoot
Kau-ur - Emu
Munya - [wild duck - crossed out] yam
Wallang - wood duck

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Stephen Morey

It looks as if Howitt has written Typha angustifolia which is a type of reed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typha_angustifolia. However, this isn't found in Australia (or wasn't) and it looks like a Cumbungi (http://vro.agriculture.vic.gov.au/dpi/vro/vrosite.nsf/pages/sip_common_cumbungi) which is also a species of Typha

Stephen Morey

It looks as if in the 19th century people believe cumbungi was Typha angustifolia but it may now have another name


Yes - Beth Gott has done some work on this (including some reference to Howitt) See Gott, Beth 1999, 'Cumbungi, Typha Species: a staple Aboriginal food in southern Australia', Australian Aboriginal Studies, number 1, pp. 33-50.